The Get Agency is a brand strategy agency in Chicago.
That means we care a lot about where and how you talk to your audience. 

The Get Agency is a brand strategy agency in Chicago. And we care a lot about how you talk to your users, even if you haven't hired us yet. 

Words are important. It's frustrating not to know what you're hearing, and just as frustrating not be heard. That's why we work to find a shared language, so both sides can be understood. 

That's our founder, Sarah Collins

She started the company because she believes that thoughtful communication can get rid of some of that frustration. At The Get Agency, she's proven this approach with one-person startups, community non-profits and Fortune 500 companies, helping all of them talk directly with their audiences and prompt them to action.

Prior to starting the Get Agency, Sarah worked with media companies such as The Onion and The Chicago Sun-Times to build partnerships, launch platforms and grow audiences. She has personally spent many hours trying to translate jargon-y websites, and will do this work until she never sees another one. 

And that's Goodrich Gevaart, our Senior Content Strategist

He's made communications more clear and more clever for brands and companies in many industries — insurance, dog breeding, coffee roasting and finance to name just a few. Goodrich can craft you the right copy for both your brand and your audience. He spends his spare time performing standup and writing comedy. 

We're joined by a team of trusted contractors and partner agencies we tap regularly to take you from strategy to measurable growth. 

We take the time to do this right, because we know that better experiences make better attitudes — no one is their best self after getting off the phone with the cable company.

If you can understand your users, you can communicate with them in a way that just makes sense. No friction, no follow-ups, just clear conversations.


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